The Most Amazing Kids Party Ever!

The Most Amazing Kids Party EVER!

The current era of organizing and throwing Clown Kida child’s birthday can be stressful to say the least. When you know that some parents have been planning their 3 year olds birthday party on a Pinterest board for the past 6 months and have handcrafted everything from favors to cut-outs that kids can take selfies in front of how can a normal parent even compete?

In one word we will tell you the answer to how Girl touch bubblesto achieve eternal glory on small child birthdaydom that costs nearly nothing, but will make you the envy of all the other parents in the block… BUBBLES.

Bubbles you say? How can bubbles rise my son or daughter to the top of the birthday party circuit? We are happy you asked.


First a History Lesson

Patent 2There is no known inventor of 1st bubbles picture3the “modern” bubble, but bubble blowing can trace back to the early 1700s where an artist Jean Siméon Chardin painted a boy blowing bubbles with a pipe. What we do know is that one of the earliest patents for bubble blowers was filed in 1918 for a new and improved bubble pipe that “may be cheaply manufactured and in which the parts are so associated that they may be disassembled and cleaned and quickly reassembled by an unskilled person.”


Let’s Thrown in Some Science

  • What exactly is a bubble? A bubble isLots O Bubbles simply a thin sphere of liquid (usually soapy water) that encloses air or a gas in the form of a hollow sphere.
  • Why do bubbles fly? Bubbles actually don’t fly, they float. A bubble and the air trapped inside the thin wall is less dense than the air (carbon dioxide) outside the bubble.
  • Why do bubbles appear to change color? Two reasons: 1) Magic and 2) Bubbles thin walls act as a prism that bends light when it’s passed through it thus allowing you to see different colors that make up the light.
  • Why are bubbles always in a sphere shape? Macro_Photograph_of_a_soap_bubbleSphere have the smallest amount of surface area so bubbles natural shape is always what you are used to seeing. That being said, with special wands as we describe below you can make some new and inventive shapes which will thrill your kids and party guests.


Steps to Achieve Success

  • Making your own Bubbles RecipeKid bubbles
    • Our Favorite: 1 Cup Warm Water; 2 Tablespoons dish soap (certain baby shampoos work as an alternative); 1 Tablespoon Glycerin (can use corn syrup as alternative); 1 Teaspoon Sugar
    • Note: Adding glycerin and sugar makes the bubbles last longer before popping. Also, some people have found that making the solution 1-2 days in advance makes even better bubbles
    • Buying Bubbles: There is no shame in buying bubbles, but when you are using a bubble machine or filling a large bubble pool it can be expensive to buy gallons of the good stuff.
    • Wands: The type of wand you use determines the quality, size, and shape of the bubble. Here are some suggestion on making a number of fun options.
      • Buying Bubble Wands: Buying some bubble Bubble Wandwands in addition to make your own wands is always a good idea as premade plastic ones are guaranteed to maximize bubble fun.
      • Foam/Paper Cup: Buy an ordinary disposable cup and cut a small hole at the bottom of it. Have the kids dip the large opening into the soap and you have a super bubble blower.
      • Coat Hanger: While these can make an effective bubble wand, coat hangers can be dangerous to use if small children are running around with them and are not advisable given all the other great alternatives.
      • Pipe Cleaners: Great for parties, Pipe Cleaner Wandyou can have kids make their own unique wands by making all different sized loops. An additional design element is to let kids (if they are old enough), but fun colored beads on the shaft of the wand to make them look even cooler!
      • Cookie Cutters: If you have some plastic cookie cutters at home (metal don’t work as well due to the seams), let the kids dip them into the soap for what we call them in our household, “Cookie Bubbles”
      • Giant Bubble Wand: Take two straws Bubbles with Strawand yarn or string that is about 50 inches long. Pull the string through the straws and tie a not. The kids should hold each straw in a square shape and dip the wand into the soap for some truly big bubbles.
      • Hand Wand- To achieve a fun, wet, and very hygienic wand, have the kids put their thumbs and index fingers together to make a circle. Then dip their hands into the soap and you have an instant bubble wand. As a bonus your kid’s hands have now been cleaned in soapy water. Hazaa!
      • Hula Hoop: For this you will need a Hula Hooplarge kiddie pool and a hula hoop, but the results are amazing. Have a kid step inside the hula hoop which is dunked in the soapy water and then have 2 people pull the hoop above them to make the largest bubble ever!
  • Bubble Machine: If wands are for kids, bubbleBubble Machine machines are for parents who want to achieve the WOW factor for their kids. Bubble machines achieve what all kids want, an infinite supply of bubbles that will keep floating in the air. Lots of great quality bubble machines can be bought online for under $20 from retailers like Target or Amazon: When we had them at our last party there were thousands of bubbles everywhere and they didn’t stop until we ran out of bubbles… which takes us to the earlier note of these machines go through bubbles extremely fast so be sure to buy or make a significant amount of bubbles to guarantee your party will go down as the most sudsy in history!

Cheapest and Best Places to Buy Disposable Diapers Online

The Cheapest and Best Places to Buy Disposable Diapers Online

Before our first child was born, we received unsolicited Diapers at marketadvice on everything from what cribs to buy, detergent to use, feeding schedules, and even the proper temperature for bathing our child. One of the pieces of advice we could have used, but never received is what to do about purchasing diapers. We had no idea what the difference was between brands, the costs associated with them, the number we would need, and where the best places to buy them were.

On one big box store’s new parent checklist Babywe were advised to buy one (1) small pack of diapers (usually 20) before our child was born. Whoever added that item to the checklist should look for employment elsewhere as newborns average 10 diapers a day. From there, the quantity usually only drops to 8 diapers a day within a child’s first year and 6-8 diapers a day until a child is potty trained (usually around 3 years old).

What this means is that if your child isn’t potty trained until the age of three, you will likely go through over 8,000 diapers. While that ridiculous number sits in, now contemplate that diapers based on brand and quantity range from $0.14 to over $0.50.

If you just calculated the amount of baby glassesmoney you will likely spend and you didn’t get heart palpitations, feel free to close this article and I suggest ringing your butler for tea and biscuits right about now. If however you, like most of us just checked your bank account to ensure you can pay the electric bill and buy diapers than this article will make your day as we have looked at the most popular diaper brands, places to buy them online, discounts offered per store, and the usual undiscounted prices so that you can make the most informed decision possible. We limited our analysis to buying diapers online since running out during lunch or on the way home from work isn’t necessary given that most online retailers will ship diapers to your house. We also focused our analysis on size three (3) diapers (16-28 lbs) since just about every company sells size three (3) diapers. Please note that we do not endorse one brand, type, or store more than another and that pricing per store is subject to change.

Diaper Brands
Choosing a diaper is a little more scientific than throwing darts against a wall, but not by much. We suggest trying out a few brands to see which ones fit your baby the best and provide the most leakage and comfort support. We personally started with chlorine free diapers, but ended up switching to one of the major brands due to leakage issues which friends and family members have not similarly experienced with the “Natural” diapers.

Pampers SwaddlersPampers Swaddlers: These soft diapers, have up to 12 hours of overnight protection, and feature a color-changing wetness indicator that makes it easy to tell if your baby is ready for a change. Swaddlers also feature super-stretchy sides, soft, overlapping fasteners, a cover with quilted, blanket-like softness, and a secure fit.

Pampers CruisersPampers Cruisers: These are designed to move with your baby by adapting at the waist, legs, and bottom. They provide up to 12 hours of overnight protection and have 3 layers of absorbency versus only 2 in “ordinary” diapers.



Pampers Baby DryPampers Baby Dry: These diapers support your baby in getting 12 hours of overnight protection and features 3 layers of protection versus only 2 in an ordinary diaper.



Huggies little SnugglersHuggies Little Snugglers: These diapers feature a pocketed back waistband that helps to keep in any runny mess, have a soft, breathable outer cover, and are specially shaped to gently fit little legs. Like Pampers Swaddlers, these diapers have a wetness indicator helps you keep track of wet diapers by changing color when wet.


Huggies Little MoversHuggies Little Movers: These diapers are designed to keep up with your active baby. This unique diaper has stretchy sides for an outstanding fit. The easy on and off design makes standing or laying down diaper changes quick and easy. Plus, these diapers come with the quality leak lock for up to 12 hours of protection.


Huggies Snug and DryHuggies Snug and Dry: These diapers feature triple layer protection to provide long-lasting leakage protection. With quick-absorbing layers that wick away moisture, your baby’s skin will stay dry throughout all their daily adventures.



huggies OvernightHuggies Overnight: These extra-absorbent over-night diapers keep your baby comfy and dry for up to 12 hours so everyone can sleep. They are designed with unique tabs to ensure a proper and secure fit to help diaper stay in place.


LuvsLuvs: These diapers hold themselves out to be the economic and yet absorbent choice for cost sensitive parents. This brand features a leakguard core, refastenable stretch tabs, and are cottony soft.


Up and UpUp and Up (Target Brand): These diapers are packed with a cotton enhanced dryness layer that make the process easier and more comfortable your little one. They also feature a hypoallergenic inner liner and their soft-stretch waist and sides will move with your little one as they start to explore.


Kirkland SignatureKirkland Signature Supreme (Costco): These diapers provide super absorbent protection both day and night. Unique to these diapers is a secondary fastener for a secure and comfortable fit so that the diapers maintain their shape and protection.



Parents ChoiceParents Choice (Walmart): These hypoallergenic diapers are an ultra-absorbent option that provides up to 12 hours of day or night leakage protection. These diapers have a soft inner liner that’s especially gentle for babies’ sensitive skin with no latex or perfumes. Exclusive accordion stretch fasteners create a precise fit that moves with children as they wiggle and move.


Seventh GenerationSeventh Generation Free and Clear: These diapers combine premium absorbency with a snug, comfy fit around the legs and adjustable, re-sealable tabs for a flexible but secure diaper. What separates them from most of the other brands is that they are chlorine-free and unbleached.


BabyganicsBabyganics: These ultra absorbent diapers are chlorine free and made with natural and renewable resources including plant-based materials. They also feature soft-stretch sides, a wetness indicator, and have no chlorine, latex, petroleum based lotions or fragrances.


Honest BrandHonest Diapers: These ultra-absorbent diapers are extra-soft, hypoallergenic, and free of chlorine processing and additives. They have comfy stretch panels on the side, and soft refastenable tabs for terrific fit and comfort. They also feature a diversity of patterns and designs.


Earths BestEarth’s Best: These diapers are made from only chlorine-free absorbent materials. Their breathable sides, moisture barrier cuffs and refastenable tabs ensure premium fit, comfort and ease of use for parents. Their diapers are made with renewable resources, such as corn and wheat starch, which result in the use of fewer petro-chemicals to help reduce babies environmental footprint.

Diaper Total Cost Breakdown

Cheapest Diaper Per Online Retailer


Retailers we surveyed and their common discounts

Many of the retailers we investigated offered deeply discount pricing programs for families and caregivers who order diapers on a subscription basis. In addition to discounted pricing, usually these diapers are delivered with free shipping so if you find a brand and type of diaper that works well for your baby, signing up for a subscription is usually the best offer available. In addition to subscriptions, retailers offer varying deals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so if you don’t want to sign up for a subscription, but are looking to save money on diapers be sure to check for discounts and stock up when the pricing is good! When buying diapers from a retailer, be sure to note the quantity of diapers that comes in a box as the quantities are completely inconsistent for all retailers so check back to our benchmark for the best per diaper price point.

AmazonAmazon: Amazon offers as much as 20% off of diaper subscriptions which can be delivered in a frequency of your choosing. Amazon constantly offers coupons of $2 to $3 offer a diaper purchase (for non-subscriptions) via online coupons. Diapers almost always ship for free, but always check who the seller is as we have noticed quantity and shipping modifications based on the seller
TargetTarget: Target offers a subscription service of 5% off of their retail price on diapers. Most of their diapers ship free. Target seems to have the most varied discount program for non-subscription based diapers where they offer gift cards ranging from $5 to $15 for select diaper purchases.


WalmartWalmart: Unless you spend at least $50, most diapers at Walmart do not ship free unless they are running a promotion. On occasion, Walmart offers promotional discounts off of select diaper brands.


CostcoCostco: Diapers from Costco almost always ship for free and most in general have a $2 to $3 additional discount per box. Remember that to purchase diapers from Costco you need to have a membership. Also, please note that Costco has surprisingly few diapering items for purchase via their website which are usually offered in store.


Sams ClubSam’s Club: Like Costco, Sam’s Club requires a membership to purchase diapers from them. They almost always offer free shipping on diapers and offer a subscription service, but they do not discount diapers for participating in the subscription.


Diapers The most coupons can usually be found on where an order of diapers can qualify for up to 15% off, then you can get a credit for your purchase, and then you can apply a digital coupon all on one buying screen. Free shipping is usually only available if you spend at least $49+ so order in bulk.


buybuybabyBuybuybaby: This Company occasionally does sales on selected diaper brands where you can receive a $50 to $10 gift card based on the size of your purchase. Shipping is rarely free with purchase, but if you subscribe to their emails online you can get 20% off e-coupons which can save a lot of money when making a purchase.


Kmart• Kmart: Kmart frequently has diaper boxes discounted $1 to $2 off their site. Like many competitors they do not offer free shipping until you reach a purchase threshold which is usually $35.


CVSCVS: By signing up for a CVS card and agreeing to get their emails, you can get frequent 20% off coupons which knock the price down on their diapers. On occasion you can find free shipping from CVS, but usually it is tied to a minimum order of $49.

Cheapest Please to Buy a Diaper