Tips on How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy From One Soon to be Mom to Another

Tips on How to Survive a Summer Pregnancy From One Soon to be Mom to Another

By, Jenilee Keefe Singer

Being pregnant in the summer is no joke. For me, the heat has induced contractions and given me kankles, and made me plain tired. Here are some tips on how I’m surviving the heat and making myself feel more comfy.

1) Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is important throughout pregnancy, but it is especially important on those hot, summer days. Dehydration is bad news. Not only can it make you feel awful, but it isn’t good for the baby. I recommend investing in a good water bottle and taking it with you everywhere you go—and chug that water down.

2) Eat lighter meals. Nothing makes me logier than a heavy meal on a hot day. This may be a good time to lay off the lasagna and opt for the salad instead. I also try to avoid super salty foods, as they only contribute to my swelling (oh ankles, how I miss thee). Please don’t completely eliminate salt. Salt does help maintain fluid balance and contains needed iodine.

3) Wear comfortable shoes. Pregnant feet can swell. Hot pregnant feet REALLY can swell. Keep your feet comfortable in forgiving shoes. Flats and sneakers help. Watch out with certain sandals and flips flops. Those straps can dig into your feet!

4) Wear breathable, loose fitting clothing. Wearing lighter (materials and color), loose fitting and breathable materials will help keep you cool. Dresses are really helpful and luckily there is no storage of options. You have a job that requires business attire? Throw on a blazer or nice cardigan for the office and take it off went you head outside.

5) Make friends with air conditioning and fans. Ah AC. One of life’s modern pleasures. I know summers are meant to be spent outdoors, but when you are pregnant there are just some days that will beckon you indoors.  If it’s 95 degrees outside and incredibly humid, don’t push it. It’s ok to spend some time inside. I recommend finding something to do around the house. If you are nesting, this is the perfect opportunity to get things done—organize that hall closet, put away baby clothes. Or get out of the house and go to a movie, the mall or a museum. These places are almost always cool—so cool for me that I often bring a sweater!

6) Pay attention to the weather. Does the forecast call for it to be 90 for the next five days? You not looking forward to spending more time inside? Well, pay attention to your hourly forecast. You may find that the morning and evening temperatures are better. Then do what I do – hit that farmers market as soon as it opens or take walks after dusk.

7) More on water. I’m not talking about drinking water. Use the water to cool you off. Take a shower. Carry around a spray bottle. Freeze a towel and place it on your neck. Go for a swim. Or run through your kid’s sprinkler (I am not ashamed to admit that I did this).

8) Kick up your feet. The heat is tiring. If you can, take some time to kick up your feet and relax. Elevating your feet will also help with swelling. And better yet, if you have the time, get in a nap.

9) Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. Feeling off? Can’t seem to cool down? Swelling like crazy? Talk to your doctor. You never know if you what you are experiencing is a simple annoyance or something more serious. It never hurts to ask for medical advice.