Product Review: Tot on the Pot Training System

Potty training is one of the most exciting and similarly frustrating phases your kids go through. It offers a glimmer to the future when expensive diapers are a thing of the past and the diaper bag can be left at home in a closet. Here at, we have investigated many potty training tips, tricks, and systems. One of our favorite end-to-end potty training systems is by Tot on the Pot. 

With out first we made lots of mistakes in potty training…if only we had the Tot on the Pot system it could have been a lot easier. The Tot on the Pot potty training system involves a flash card reward game, a colorful kids book, a super cute play toilet, stuffed doll (boy or girl), and a handy parents guide. In testing the system, our kids loved the doll, toy potty, and book.

What makes this system stand out is twofold: 1) The quality of the kid-friendly items provided, and 2) The Parents step by step guide that made us think more about what our tot was thinking through the process. Our tot immediately took to the Tot doll and wanted her to use the potty at the same time. He even recanted the lessons learned from the book–like why we use the potty and the importance of washing hands. The Parents guide, though, really is the stand out item. One tip we wish we had earlier was to use an activity reward system instead of a the toy or food reward system we used(which out little one always seem to game). When it comes time for potty training our second, we know we will have a great resource.

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