Deaf-Friendly Games for a Children's Party

Deaf-Friendly Games for a Children’s Party
Contributor, Our Friends at Wooden Toy Shop

While its natural to worry about all the children feeling included in a kids party, there really is no need to worry if you throwing a party with a deaf child in attendance. There are loads of great games that all children, and quite a few adults, will enjoy. Here are some of our favorite party games and tips for throwing an inclusive children’s party. These games are ones you will probably already know, but with fun twists to make them more inclusive and even more fun!

Deaf-friendly games for a childrens party

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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas
By Alexis Pollitto, Contributor

So, you’re having a baby…how exciting!gender-cake Arguably even more exciting, is finding out if you will have a son or a daughter. What better way to be surprised than through a gender reveal party.

Gender reveal parties have been up and coming for the past few years. Essentially, you can gather your closest family and friends and all experience the magical moment of learning the gender of your baby together. We have put together a list of the cutest gender reveal party ideas to kick off your planning.

First, you may want to select a theme forpink-v-blue the party. If you love sports, you may be interested in a Team Pink or Team Blue theme, or Touchdowns vs. Tutus. If you plan to have the party during the summertime, you can put a twist on a summer classic by having a BaByQ and serve barbecue food. You can certainly select the theme based on the time of year you will have the party, like decorating blue and pink pumpkins for the fall or blue and pink shamrocks for St. Patrick’s day. You know you will want to treat your little one like royalty, so why not start at his or her gender reveal party with the theme of prince or princess. Developing a theme for your gender reveal party is a great way to tie together invitations, decorations, food, and activities that will happen at the party, but of course keeping the party simple with a minimal theme will be just as special.

Once you have decided on if your partyshuttefly-invite will have a theme, you may want to announce the party through invitations., and (for evites) has many cute invitations to go with some of the themes previously mentioned, and they also have a variety of simple designs at reasonable prices.

After the invitations have been sent, thepinata real party planning begins. Of course, the most important part is deciding on which way you are going to find out the gender. Often it is common for the parents-to-be to give their sealed envelope to a baker who will fill the inside of a sweet treat with something blue or pink. But if you are looking to break away from the traditional, the possibilities are endless. has some fun and unique ideas, especially if there will be asilly-string lot of kids at your party, such as announcing the gender through a silly string fight (with the color of the outside of the can covered by a brown paper bag). This is definitely an affordable and memorable way to learn the gender of your baby. Another fun idea for a kid-friendly party is a gender reveal pinata.

Alternatively, you can open a baby outfit to findpush-pops out. Go to your favorite children’s store and pick out an outfit for a boy and a girl. Hand the sealed envelope to the cashier and have him or her wrap the correct outfit for you while you continue to shop. Balloons are another exciting way to find out. Go to the party store and give the sealed envelope to the cashier. While you are shopping for party decorations, have him or her seal a box with blue or pink balloons. If you want to get your guests more involved in the reveal, you can order Gender Reveal confetti push-pops from and watch as blue or pink confetti flies into the air.

While you may find great party decorationscookie-gender in store, there are also some convenient options for ordering online. Be sure to look for awesome decorations, such as balloons, temporary tattoos, banners, and fun games for your guests to play. When you have decided on decorations, you will nearly be done with planning your gender reveal party, but one important decision to make is what kind of food you would like to serve. Some hosts serve food that mom hahersheyss been craving, while others will decorate pink and blue cookies for dessert. I personally love these glam DIY He or She Hershey bars from Another idea we loved courtesy of is to have your guests pour white Kool-aid powder into their water and watch as it changes color to pink or blue.

Easy School-Safe Treats and Activities for Your Tots Classroom

Easy School-Safe Treats and Activities for Your Tots Classroom
By Paige Goodwin, Contributor

When I was young, if you had a birthday during the school year, your mom stayed up the night before baking the exact number of cupcakes for your classmates so you could hand them out with sticky fingers at lunch. It was glorious, getting to be the center of attention while handing out haphazardly iced desserts, bragging about how you made them by hand, all by yourself, the night before.

Birthdays are still celebrated in school, but with many schools and preschools cutting down on what foods can be brought in (if at all), it isn’t as easy as baking a few dozen cupcakes anymore, but certainly no more time-consuming.

Food Snacks

If you child eats lunch in a cafeteria, chances are they can only hand out pre-packaged snacks that are nut-free (that also includes being made in a nut-free facility). Some schools do not allow any food sharing in cafeterias to protect students who cannot read food labels, so if the teacher hasn’t give you information on how to distribute treats on birthdays, get in touch ahead of time to see if they can help pass out snacks before the students go to lunch.

Here are some safe treats that don’t require a trip to a specialty grocery store:

• Single Serve packages of Rice Krispie Treats rice-krispie
Pop Chips — these are actually friendly for most
allergy sufferers as they are vegan and gluten-free. You can find single-serve packages at most Wegman’s stores and Safeway, but go on to the Pop Chips website to check for nearby locations to you.
• Plain Hershey’s Kisses — make sure to not get kissesany specialty flavors, as Hershey’s does can’t guarantee nut-free manufacturing for those. Hershey’s Kisses are made with milk, milk chocolate cane sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, milk fat, lecithin and natural flavors. The Hershey’s website also includes a number you can call regarding the allergen information for each of their products.
Wonka brand candies
Starburst, Skittles, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Sour Patch Kids

There are also brands dedicated to making snacks and desserts that are nut-free:

Treasure Mills has mini cupcakes, brownies and cookietreasure-mill bars. Their website lists the ingredients for each product, and has a store locator to help you find them in your area.
Skeeter Nut Free sells packages of different types of cookies such as shortbread, double chocolate and chocolate chip. Click “Learn More” on each product to get a full ingredients list.

When in doubt, check the labels. Your child’s teacher will too, so check ahead to see if you need to bring in treats earlier for approval.

Class Activities

If your child’s class has a lot of students with diverse food allergies, or you child’s school does not allow food snacks to be shared, there are still quite a few inexpensive and fun things your child can share with the class. Small activities may also be a fun addition to a snack you bring in as well. Don’t be surprised if other parents borrow your ideas for other birthdays in class!

• Even if your child doesn’t bring in food, you canbday-express still make lunch festive by sending in themed plates, napkins, cups, or even brightly colored bendy straws. Try Birthday Express for a huge assortment of themes.
• If your child is in preschool or kindergarten where there
is a daily or weekly story, see if your child’s teacher would be okay with your child’s favorite story being read in honor of their birthday. If possible, volunteer to do it — the teacher will appreciate a short break, and you can embellish the story with funny voices to help make it a new class favorite.
• Older children may enjoy helping make a themed word search or coloring page about
them for the class. Try Really Color to turn a photo into a crayolacoloring page, or Crayola for pre-made coloring pages. Discovery Education has a free word search maker for your older child, which will generate a puzzle after you input the words their classmates must find! Have your child hand them to the teacher at the beginning of the day — there is always down-time in a school day, and the teacher will enjoy having the activities to hand out when there is time to spare.
• While many teachers give out special pencils to birthday children, you can make fun personalized pencils through Oriental Trading. Your child can put their name, or evenmartha-stewart a funny saying on the pencils so the whole class has a fun, matching pencil. The teacher will appreciate not having to find students an extra pencil, too!
• If your child’s class is a little too young for pencils, try giving old crayons new life by making each child a custom crayon using these instructions on Martha Stewart’s website. Your child can hand out rainbow crayons, or whatever color combinations they like best!

Please remember that with class activities, unless you are handing something small out, to talk with the teacher ahead of time to make sure whatever you plan doesn’t interrupt their schedule, and so that everything goes smoothly for your child’s special day.

The Most Amazing Kids Party Ever!

The Most Amazing Kids Party EVER!

The current era of organizing and throwing Clown Kida child’s birthday can be stressful to say the least. When you know that some parents have been planning their 3 year olds birthday party on a Pinterest board for the past 6 months and have handcrafted everything from favors to cut-outs that kids can take selfies in front of how can a normal parent even compete?

In one word we will tell you the answer to how Girl touch bubblesto achieve eternal glory on small child birthdaydom that costs nearly nothing, but will make you the envy of all the other parents in the block… BUBBLES.

Bubbles you say? How can bubbles rise my son or daughter to the top of the birthday party circuit? We are happy you asked.


First a History Lesson

Patent 2There is no known inventor of 1st bubbles picture3the “modern” bubble, but bubble blowing can trace back to the early 1700s where an artist Jean Siméon Chardin painted a boy blowing bubbles with a pipe. What we do know is that one of the earliest patents for bubble blowers was filed in 1918 for a new and improved bubble pipe that “may be cheaply manufactured and in which the parts are so associated that they may be disassembled and cleaned and quickly reassembled by an unskilled person.”


Let’s Thrown in Some Science

  • What exactly is a bubble? A bubble isLots O Bubbles simply a thin sphere of liquid (usually soapy water) that encloses air or a gas in the form of a hollow sphere.
  • Why do bubbles fly? Bubbles actually don’t fly, they float. A bubble and the air trapped inside the thin wall is less dense than the air (carbon dioxide) outside the bubble.
  • Why do bubbles appear to change color? Two reasons: 1) Magic and 2) Bubbles thin walls act as a prism that bends light when it’s passed through it thus allowing you to see different colors that make up the light.
  • Why are bubbles always in a sphere shape? Macro_Photograph_of_a_soap_bubbleSphere have the smallest amount of surface area so bubbles natural shape is always what you are used to seeing. That being said, with special wands as we describe below you can make some new and inventive shapes which will thrill your kids and party guests.


Steps to Achieve Success

  • Making your own Bubbles RecipeKid bubbles
    • Our Favorite: 1 Cup Warm Water; 2 Tablespoons dish soap (certain baby shampoos work as an alternative); 1 Tablespoon Glycerin (can use corn syrup as alternative); 1 Teaspoon Sugar
    • Note: Adding glycerin and sugar makes the bubbles last longer before popping. Also, some people have found that making the solution 1-2 days in advance makes even better bubbles
    • Buying Bubbles: There is no shame in buying bubbles, but when you are using a bubble machine or filling a large bubble pool it can be expensive to buy gallons of the good stuff.
    • Wands: The type of wand you use determines the quality, size, and shape of the bubble. Here are some suggestion on making a number of fun options.
      • Buying Bubble Wands: Buying some bubble Bubble Wandwands in addition to make your own wands is always a good idea as premade plastic ones are guaranteed to maximize bubble fun.
      • Foam/Paper Cup: Buy an ordinary disposable cup and cut a small hole at the bottom of it. Have the kids dip the large opening into the soap and you have a super bubble blower.
      • Coat Hanger: While these can make an effective bubble wand, coat hangers can be dangerous to use if small children are running around with them and are not advisable given all the other great alternatives.
      • Pipe Cleaners: Great for parties, Pipe Cleaner Wandyou can have kids make their own unique wands by making all different sized loops. An additional design element is to let kids (if they are old enough), but fun colored beads on the shaft of the wand to make them look even cooler!
      • Cookie Cutters: If you have some plastic cookie cutters at home (metal don’t work as well due to the seams), let the kids dip them into the soap for what we call them in our household, “Cookie Bubbles”
      • Giant Bubble Wand: Take two straws Bubbles with Strawand yarn or string that is about 50 inches long. Pull the string through the straws and tie a not. The kids should hold each straw in a square shape and dip the wand into the soap for some truly big bubbles.
      • Hand Wand- To achieve a fun, wet, and very hygienic wand, have the kids put their thumbs and index fingers together to make a circle. Then dip their hands into the soap and you have an instant bubble wand. As a bonus your kid’s hands have now been cleaned in soapy water. Hazaa!
      • Hula Hoop: For this you will need a Hula Hooplarge kiddie pool and a hula hoop, but the results are amazing. Have a kid step inside the hula hoop which is dunked in the soapy water and then have 2 people pull the hoop above them to make the largest bubble ever!
  • Bubble Machine: If wands are for kids, bubbleBubble Machine machines are for parents who want to achieve the WOW factor for their kids. Bubble machines achieve what all kids want, an infinite supply of bubbles that will keep floating in the air. Lots of great quality bubble machines can be bought online for under $20 from retailers like Target or Amazon: When we had them at our last party there were thousands of bubbles everywhere and they didn’t stop until we ran out of bubbles… which takes us to the earlier note of these machines go through bubbles extremely fast so be sure to buy or make a significant amount of bubbles to guarantee your party will go down as the most sudsy in history!