Product Review: Tot on the Pot Training System

Potty training is one of the most exciting and similarly frustrating phases your kids go through. It offers a glimmer to the future when expensive diapers are a thing of the past and the diaper bag can be left at home in a closet. Here at, we have investigated many potty training tips, tricks, and systems. One of our favorite end-to-end potty training systems is by Tot on the Pot. 

With out first we made lots of mistakes in potty training…if only we had the Tot on the Pot system it could have been a lot easier. The Tot on the Pot potty training system involves a flash card reward game, a colorful kids book, a super cute play toilet, stuffed doll (boy or girl), and a handy parents guide. In testing the system, our kids loved the doll, toy potty, and book.

What makes this system stand out is twofold: 1) The quality of the kid-friendly items provided, and 2) The Parents step by step guide that made us think more about what our tot was thinking through the process. Our tot immediately took to the Tot doll and wanted her to use the potty at the same time. He even recanted the lessons learned from the book–like why we use the potty and the importance of washing hands. The Parents guide, though, really is the stand out item. One tip we wish we had earlier was to use an activity reward system instead of a the toy or food reward system we used(which out little one always seem to game). When it comes time for potty training our second, we know we will have a great resource.

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Is My Toddler Ready for Potty Training

Is My Toddler Ready for Potty Training
By Elliot Totah, Contributor and co-founder of Tot on the Pot

There are two words that will send a chill down the spine of any parent who has a toddler: Potty Training. Almost immediately, the questions start pouring in: How should I do it? How long does it take? Is there a best method? What should I buy? Do I have to? Really though, do I have to?

All of these questions touch on relevant issues that every parent will have to consider (well, all except for the last two…). But before answering any of them, there’s one basic piece of information that all parents will need: When do I start potty training my child?

I wish I could tell you that there was a simple
answer to this one but the reality is that it differs for each child. Lots of different factors play in to the equation: your child’s gender, how quickly they develop, whether they have older siblings, etc. The good news is that there are several great tools out there to help gauge your child’s readiness. The first place you should turn is BabyCenter’s Potty Training Readiness Checklist. Answering the questions posed in this article will give you a good idea as to whether your child is ready to take the plunge into the wide world of the potty. Another good resource is the questionnaire provided by

Run through the links and if they both point you in the same direction, then start planning accordingly. Simultaneously, make sure you, as a parent, are ready. Potty training works best when parents/caregivers are positive and supportive throughout. Particularly since potty training can take months, make sure you have the patience and the peace of mind to be your toddler’s cheerleader and motivator through their highs and lows. Now, before you proceed any further, it’s very important that you understand the following: Potty Training your child earlier will not increase their chances of getting into Harvard, becoming a Hollywood star or winning the lottery. Too many parents err on the side of trying to potty train their children too early. More and more research suggests that even if kids are successfully potty trained before the age of 2, they face an increased chance of complications later on like UTIs, bedwetting and chronic constipation. The basic reason is that kids who learn how to hold their pee/poop will usually end up over-holding it. I mean, who wants to stop playing, watching TV, building a fort, being a princess or emptying out the kitchen cabinets for the 15th time in 3 hours when the alternative is pooping? When it comes to potty training—like so many other aspects of parenting—don’t be too quick to have your children grow up. Let them be little. Or as we say at Tot on the Pot, cherish every minute with your children…even the crappy ones.


About Tot on the Pot: Tot on the Pot is a new, Pediatrician-recommended potty training system that utilizes rhymes, activities and fun to inform, incentivize and reward your toddler out of a diaper and onto the toilet. Our system includes the Tot on the Pot Book, a Tot doll which comes in a variety of genders and skin colors, the Tot’s very own potty and the Activity Reward cards. Tot on the Pot is set for release in mid-2017. Sign up to receive product launch updates and early bird specials at today.